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Apart from being a travel blog, lost notes is about letting go of whatever is holding us back, and embrace our dreams of adventure, however crazy they might seem at first glance. I’ve found that all these great thoughts, ideas and dreams that come to mind when we are on the road, on an adventure, for some reason, vanish the moment we return home.

In the light of our everyday life, all those passions, suddently seem out of place, crazy, even childish.

But as Karen Blixen once put it: “Fear not the incredible. Don’t shy away from the amazing! When in doubt, go for the most dangerous, the most unheard-of solution. De l’audace! De l’audace! Et encore de l’audace!

I’ve been blogging in Danish at www.cayambe.dk for a few years, but in 2014 decided to jump off at the deep end and start travelblogging in English, so bare with me if you find a typo or 10!

In September 2014 I will embark on an expedition through Polynesia from Papua new Guinea to the Easter Island, using only my two legs and whatever boats I can find!

Thomas Sindberg
Thomas Sindberg was Born in Copenhagen, Denmark and have worked on several different development projects in South East Asia and in South America. Entrepreneurial spirit. Love to dive & love the wilderness more than anything!

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