Finding The Lost Notes

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Many people ask me what I mean about The Lost Notes, and I guess it warrants an answer. Naming a blog you are starting out is always difficult. You want a unique name, but also a descriptive one, one that tells a story about what your blog is about, but on the other hand do you fear that the name will limit your scope. By calling it something arbitrary and broad, you can write about more, before it goes out of context, and out of the boundaries of what your blog is really about. But it comes with the added tendency of people asking what it is all about.

Every time I go travel, I feel like my passions are coming alive again, that my dreams become real and I have this great rush of fresh new ideas in my mind. But once I return home, and fall into my everyday life, these new ideas slowly begin to fade away. I’ve tried it so many times now, that I know that within 14 days of returning home, most of what I’ve felt on my journey will be all but gone. Passions are like dying stars, and need to be fed with energy not to burn out.

For me those are the lost notes, the ideas spawned by the days on the road, that for some reason are lost on me at home. Finding the lost notes thus becomes a search for passion, and a way to feed it with renewed energy.

On the road I am in my element, and feel more alive and vibrant. The risk of cause is that it becomes an escape, a way not to deal with whatever is there staring you in the face at home. And in the end I think, it has to be a balance. Everything in life is a balance. Sure I can go travel and search for these lost notes. But at some point, the weight and value of what I have at home, begin to rise from the ashes of its former boredom and turn into an ever increasing homesickness. And so I return home, to refill my heart, only to repeat it all over again.

But we are hunters and gatherers after all, and we need both hunt and home to survive.

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  1. Understand perfectly what you say… There are millions of felligs and ideas when you are traveling, emotions for what you are seeing and learnig, it is magic, and so simple at the same time, and you see that everythig is conected… And the people is so different and unique and at the same time is the same inside, all are one! It is terrific, beatifull, but have to return home… To prepare another scape, travel, expirience, adventure! I like yours very much!

  2. True words my friend :)
    Know the exact feeling – getting out of the grip of everyday life and obligations, opens up those areas you mention. Be sure to follow those good ideas right away when you return or even start it up on the road ;)

    Happy for you out there, exploring the world and mind

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